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CPanel Features

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I-WEB Network - Data Center
The Planet - Dallas/Texas

Our dedicated Servers are located in The Planet's data center [private suite]. The Planet's data centers are among the best-connected business web hosting facilities in the world. The data centers is implemented through a high-speed network specifically designed for dedicated server hosting. The Planet has invested in both network equipment and backbone connections to ensure that customers get the fastest access possible to their content and applications.


The Planet owns and operates a state of the art datacenter facilities located in Dallas, Texas. The facility offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security. With over 35,000 sq ft of raised floor and 15,000 sq ft of static free tile, The facility sit atop multiple power grids driven by TXU electric, we have multiple Liebert UPS and PowerWare UPS battery backup power, and onsite permanent generator power. Our HVAC systems are a combination of glycol, chilled water, and condenser units by Liebert and Data Aire to provide redundancy in cooling coupled with 6 managed backbone providers. Fire suppression includes a pre-action dry pipe system in both facilities including VESDA along with over 600 smoke detectors. Security is also concern for The Planet and our customers so all facilities are key card access with CCTV for maximum security. The goal is to provide maximum redundancy in every facet of the datacenter environment to facilitate 100% uptime for our entire hosting infrastructure.


We monitors all customer equipment and datacenter infrastructure at all times. Our internal monitoring system is an open source code highly modified by our technicians to satisfy our customer needs. The IPAlert system monitors up to 16 different services over a private or public IP network without a client install. Our premium IPAlert system also includes a client based monitoring application that will allow us to drill down and monitor all internal server services such as ram usage, CPU usage, applications, services, and internal temperature. The IPAlert system is available online 24/7/365 for viewing services and up to date statistical information. The IPAlert system also houses key escalation procedures designed and supplied by each customer to ensure the correct escalation path is utilized at the first sign of trouble. Our NOC personnel monitor the IPAlert system 24/7/365 from both datacenter locations with technician's onsite around the clock to assist you in your needs. Monitoring includes free "hands and eyes" service to all customers for emergency situations that require additional assistance.

We also monitors all internal datacenter infrastructure through a commercial software application called Datatrax©. Datatrax allows our NOC technicians to monitor electrical, UPS, HVAC, and generator systems from their desktops. This information is key in controlling the datacenter environmentals and to make certain all equipment is housed in the most favorable conditions. Click here to schedule a datacenter tour and see how Datatrax will protect your investment.

Network Infrastructure

Our internal network architecture utilizes the Enterprise routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. We utilize Juniper M20 routers as border routers, Cisco 6500 series switches in our distribution layer, Cisco 6500 and 5500 switches in our aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches at the customer layer. The data center have multiple network connections to different Internet backbones, allowing data to be distributed though many sources - meaning that our network is not dependent upon any single Internet backbone.

I-WEB Network - Bandwidth Connections
Premium Bandwidth
Our Premium Bandwidth network is provided by The Planet Data Center in Dallas and consists of the following Uplinks:
AT&T 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Verio 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Sprint 2 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
nLayer 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Level 3 3 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Abovenet 3 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
Broadwing 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
MCI / UUNET 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Global Crossing 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Allegiance Telecom 2 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
Time Warner Telecom 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Yipes Network Connection
Yipes 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
HE.NET Network Connection
HE.NET 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)